- simpleDrive 3.5.11 -
All your files in a private place.
Take back control of your personal data.
Simply private

simpleDrive puts you in charge of your data - the way it's meant to be. Just hit the download button and install it on a server you own or control.
With only a few clicks you can create your personal and private cloud without having to worry about handing sensitive files to big companies.
Feature-rich but lightweight

simpleDrive is designed as an intuitive, non-bloated software that runs fast even on low-powered devices like a Raspberry Pi. And still it comes with all the features you would expect from a filemanager. You can stream music and video, watch a slideshow with all the pictures of your last vacation, edit your texts with the built-in editor and even share files with others
Access anywhere

Just like with a regular cloud drive you can have your files at your fingertips at all times. Access your files from anywhere via browser interface, the simpleDrive Android app or any WebDAV-capable file manager out there
Cloud Sync - The best of both worlds

Now that you have your data private, you may want to take care of backups. You could choose traditional ways like an external harddrive, RAID-Systems and the like. Or you take a look at simpleDrive's Cloud Sync feature that combines the privacy of a cloud at home with the reliability of an online storage.
SimpleDrive encrypts your files (and even the filenames if you want it to) with an AES-256-Encryption and stores them online for maximum security".
Sharing is caring

Share your files with another user on the same server or with anybody for download via link while being in control of the access rights.

From within the app you can directly send the share-link via mail or any messenger.
Windows Sync Client

The simpleDrive Sync Client for Windows, as you might have guessed, synchronizes the files in your private cloud to a folder on your device.
That way all of your work can be backed up to your server without the hassle to upload it manually.
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